Sunday, October 02, 2011


Last time we had fun with wind. But when wind goes wild, it can really cause problems with all of the other elements, including itself. Think about when wild wind meets water they become hurricanes and floods. Wind can turn fire into a wildfire and drive it forward creating a destructive path. Out of control wind on earth causes dust storms and wild wind on itself becomes tornadoes.

When people with wind personalities go overboard, they can cause problems as well. For instance, we know that wind people are friendly, outgoing, fun to be with because they can turn almost anything into a game, and they are funny. However, if they get out of control, they can be loud, obnoxious, and make anything, a social gathering, a business meeting, even a conversation, all about them.

Tip for Wind Personalities: Notice people’s expressions and body language when you are attending at any kind of gathering. If you are speaking and you see them looking bored, staring over your shoulder or at the floor, rocking from their heels to their toes, or slowly inching backward and glancing over the crowd, it is time to stop talking.

Tip for those who have wind personalities in their lives: Remember they need to express themselves and they actually need people to pay attention to them. They are not overtly aware of this need and they will step up the embellishments and the volume in order to achieve this, so talk to them.

Wind people are passionate, full of ideas, and love to start new projects. But their passion often becomes emotional and/or overbearing. Their ideas are crazy over the top because like the wind, their mind expands and swirls upward making large obstacles look tiny from their lofty viewpoint. Furthermore, the projects they start more often than not never get finished. Just look in the craft closet of a wind person. It will be full of half completed creations. Why are they like this? Simple answer, they get bored.

Tip for Wind Personalities: Listen to others and their concerns about your ideas and proposals. And discipline yourself to always finish what you start before beginning another project.

Tip for those who have wind personalities in their lives: Listen to their ideas, no matter how crazy they sound. Just think, years ago someone suggested bottling water to sell like soft drinks. Sounded crazy . . . then.

Just as wind blows in several directions scattering leaves all over the lawn you just raked, tangling your hair that you just finished working on for the past thirty minutes, so is the wind person. Their homes, offices, and closets, looks like 70 mph straight winds have blown through them. Unless they are married to an earth—like me—I can almost promise it is a mess. Not dirty, mind you, but cluttered.
They also have a hard time focusing, organizing, and staying organized.

Tip for Wind Personalities: Get “fun” containers to keep your stuff in, or organize your office with. It really helps. Take this from your “sister-wind.” Also, sticky notes are great! Stick them where you look most often to remind you of things you need to do.

Tip for those who have wind personalities in their lives: Buy them fun containers and sticky notes instead of complaining.
And if you see them “doodling” while you are speaking—whether at home or in a meeting—don’t take this as a sign of their disinterest. It is their way of focusing. And all those stacks of stuff on their desk? Don’t worry about it. They know what is in each stack. Just consider it vertical filing.

An additional tip for wind personalities—if you are in an argument with a fire personality, it isn’t wise to keep pressing your point. Remind yourself, what happens when you blow on fire? Learned that one the hard way.  

Speaking of fire . . . next time: FIRE!


Jan Morrill said...

Oh boy, do I know a wind person. :) I like the way you include tips! Very helpful. Now, if I can only figure out a way to anonymously forward this good advice. :)

Russell said...

I know a wind person too. Always full of ideas and starting new projects before the one at hand is completed. Sometimes it's aggravating, but never boring.