Saturday, September 24, 2011


“The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going . . .” ~ Jesus Christ

There is so much to be said about the wind. It is in constant motion, moving forward, up, down, around and around. It is playful and fast.

Wind circles the earth picking up scents and sharing them with people miles away. It picks up seeds and scatters them in new places.

We cannot actually see the wind. It is transparent. But we can see its effects, feel it lift our hair and blow against our skin. Wind refreshes us on hot days. It is playful—soaring our kites into the sky, swirling an autumnal whirlwind of leaves on our paths, blowing our dropped receipt across the parking lot just a little beyond our reach.

It is also determined. There is hardly anything that can keep wind out. It will find a hole or crack to blow through somewhere, somehow and we can hear its music or moan.

In the same way, people with the traits of the wind are fun, playful, transparent, and on the move. They love change—new places and new experiences. Just as we don’t know where the wind came from or where it is going, wind people are spontaneous. They pick up new ideas and share them, hoping that these “seeds” of ideas will take root somehow.

It is exciting to be friends with wind people. They are so friendly and enthusiastic. Since they are naturally uplifting, they make you feel good about being you. Simply put, they love people. It is rare that they meet a stranger. Because they are so friendly and transparent, we naturally trust them. They can convince us of just about anything.

There is no one who loves telling a story better than wind people. They are masters at embellishment and there is nothing they like better than an audience! If you happen to be on the fringe of the circle of people around them listening to their story and they notice this, they happily raise their voice.

We need wind people. They keep us smiling. More important, they make us think outside of the box our left-brains have constructed. Life is always interesting with them around, and they remind us of why we are special.
They always have new ideas, better ways, and a positive outlook. 

Does this remind you of someone? Is it you? Happy and blessed are those who have wind friends.

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Beth said...

Love this! I hope I am a wind person. I think I am (I try to be anyway). What an interesting post, Linda.

Beth said...

Oh, I hope I'm a wind person. Love this. What an interesting post, Linda!

Velda Brotherton said...

A good subject for fall. We'd all like to be a wind person, but some of us just aren't. We can keep trying, though. Always enjoy your posts, they are uplifting.

Jan Morrill said...

You're right, Linda. Wind friends are treasures indeed. I love these element posts!

April Byrd said...

Hi! Love this its such a nice breezy post lol. I do know a lot of people like this and I am so grateful to have them in my life. they truly are what keeps me flying.