Thursday, July 14, 2011


“Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep”~ William Shakespeare

In our front yard my husband and I built a large water feature. I call it Selah Pond. Almost every morning I spend some quiet time on the front porch preparing for my day and listen to the water fall on the rocks. It is so relaxing and peaceful. I close my eyes and lose myself in its music.

My grandchildren love to throw rocks in the pond and watch it splash then ripple back to a smooth surface. On windy days the tiny waves reflect the sun’s rays and making tiny diamonds of light dance on the surface. And it isn’t just we humans who enjoy my little pool. Frogs, insects, birds and the neighbors’ dogs find it an excellent source of refreshment.

From observing Selah Pond I’ve found that water has a peaceful and relaxing voice. It is fun, refreshing, and sparkling. Water reflects and flows. It is necessary to life. It is versatile being able to turn into steam or ice. It also supports the heaviest burdens—think of a cargo ship.

Now let’s apply the above characteristics to people. Do you, or someone you know, remind you of water?

Water people:
·      Have a peaceful demeanor
·      Are easy going
·      Have a sparkling personality
·      Like to reflect
·      Are refreshing
·      Are fun
·      People (and animals) like being around them
·      Are supportive
·      Carry the burdens of others
·      Can conform to any situation

We all enjoy water people when they are flowing in these character qualities. Do you or someone you know have water characteristics?

The problem with water characteristics


Jackie King said...

Selah Pond. Wonderful! I want one.

King of Fishback said...

Nice piece and the water feature is very appealing. I'll bet you'd like to go on a float trip on one of our clear water streams. Now, I'm looking forward to hearing the negative qualities of me. Hard to believe you'll be able to "pen" that! :)