Wednesday, July 27, 2011


“Great floods have flown from simple sources.” ~ William Shakespeare

From my last blog you see how delightful a water personality can be. People who have water attributes are easy to get along with because they can conform to any situation. They are sparkling and refreshing. Not to mention great listeners who do not speak their mind right away. In fact, they do nothing impulsively. Like water, they reflect and think on it.

The water personality will be there when you need them. Just as heavy burdens are moved on water, these people will help you in times of trouble.  As far as working with water people, they are great problem solvers. Just as water finds a path around most obstacles, so can this personality. They are quietly determined.

We ALL need water friends in our lives. However, there are a few problems with water. If you are a water inclined person, you might recognize these challenging areas. If you know a water person, maybe this will help you be more patient with them.

Water can be destructive. Think tsunami, hurricane, or flood. But water doesn’t do these things on its own initiative.  If left alone, water likes to flow, trickle, and pool. But an underground earthquake, high winds, or limited space create problems for water so much so that it cannot conform. All the other personalities can do the same to water people. Water personalities are low maintenance—usually. But if they lose structure, if we try to make them move too fast, or if we put too much on them, they will seek escape or totally lose composure and flood all over the place. This doesn’t last long, however, because just like water that has been split apart by a rock quickly gathers itself back into one seamless whole, so can water people. They can resettle and rebalance themselves.

Tip for water personalities: Speak up! I know you don't like to, but how can other's know if you feel overwhelmed if you don't tell them? Remember that all they ask of you is what they expect of themselves. 
Tip for those with water personalities in their lives:
Remember that water people naturally bear burdens of everybody! This easily overwhelms them and just because you asks one thing, it is just one thing on top of dozens put on them by others. Be patient. Ask them how they feel. Offer to carry the load with them. 

People with water traits can be stubborn and appear slow, maybe even lazy. But they aren’t. They just like to do things in their own time. You won’t get an argument out of them; they’ll just quietly do it their way. They also tend to want to help everyone else to the detriment of their own needs and responsibilities.

Tip for water personalities:
Be conscious of deadlines. Focus! Do your own work first! Fulfill your own responsibilities first.
Tip for those with water personalities in their lives: Keep in mind that a water person is very meticulous and reflective. They like to think before acting. In fact, they think a lot! Just ask my husband when we are furniture shopping. He has learned to go do something else while I stare and think. If you force them to move too quickly in a decision, they will stagnate.
If you make a water person angry, they will freeze. If you put pressure on them they will turn to steam and disappear emotionally. It is rare that they will speak up—ever. They will adapt, but will also be polluted with bitterness. And if they keep this bitterness bottled up it will cloud their thinking. What was once clear and transparent gets dark and murky.

Water. Life giving, refreshing, cleansing, and sparkling. With a little understanding, Water people will be the same way!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011


“Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep”~ William Shakespeare

In our front yard my husband and I built a large water feature. I call it Selah Pond. Almost every morning I spend some quiet time on the front porch preparing for my day and listen to the water fall on the rocks. It is so relaxing and peaceful. I close my eyes and lose myself in its music.

My grandchildren love to throw rocks in the pond and watch it splash then ripple back to a smooth surface. On windy days the tiny waves reflect the sun’s rays and making tiny diamonds of light dance on the surface. And it isn’t just we humans who enjoy my little pool. Frogs, insects, birds and the neighbors’ dogs find it an excellent source of refreshment.

From observing Selah Pond I’ve found that water has a peaceful and relaxing voice. It is fun, refreshing, and sparkling. Water reflects and flows. It is necessary to life. It is versatile being able to turn into steam or ice. It also supports the heaviest burdens—think of a cargo ship.

Now let’s apply the above characteristics to people. Do you, or someone you know, remind you of water?

Water people:
·      Have a peaceful demeanor
·      Are easy going
·      Have a sparkling personality
·      Like to reflect
·      Are refreshing
·      Are fun
·      People (and animals) like being around them
·      Are supportive
·      Carry the burdens of others
·      Can conform to any situation

We all enjoy water people when they are flowing in these character qualities. Do you or someone you know have water characteristics?

The problem with water characteristics