Saturday, June 11, 2011


There are 2 more rows in my garden that need to be covered with newspaper and then straw. I’m procrastinating. I don’t want to do it. But it has to be done. But I don’t want to do it.

All the while weeds are growing. If I wait any longer they will overtake those rows. I know this. But I don’t want to do it, so I find other things to do. Things that can wait, but they are not in the hot sun, I don’t have to fight the wind while trying to spread newspaper, and won’t choke me up like straw.

Still the weeds are growing and my little plants would really appreciate some room to stretch their roots and for the moisture to remain in the ground instead of evaporating.  

So here is my choice, procrastinate and let the weeds win and my vegetable plants die, or spend two hours—max—mulch those rows and be done for the summer?

It isn’t just gardens that weeds destroy. Weeds of life will do the same if we procrastinate. They will take over leaving us feeling defeated, frustrated, and more helpless than ever.

Is there anything you are putting off? Well, don’t. Just do it, okay? I’ll take my own advice and go to the garden right now. 


BECKY said...'s that difficult thing called "writing"...many times I find other "less important things to do"..because I just don't feel like writing...because of self-doubts. Self doubts definitely bring on the self-sabotage! Thanks for the great post, Linda!

Dan Case said...

I learned this big word in the 5th grade and I've been faithfully doing it every since. Dang... now I'll think about weeds and it won't be as much fun. :-)

Heidiwriter said...

Becky, same for me! I'm the Queen of the Procrastinators when it comes to writing!

Dan, LOL, those weeds can ruin a good case of procrastination, can't they?

Thanks, Linda, for a great post.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

great post, love you my friend!