Tuesday, May 03, 2011


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” ~ Adolf Hitler

I chose the above quote because of how this man effectively used this philosophy to create one of the greatest and cruelest crimes in history. People doing things to others, who before Hitler, would never have thought of doing. This is the danger of lies. And while most lies are not of this magnitude, our lives are still affected by them.

Recently I read this statement, “The most successful lies are the ones that are closest to the truth.” Why? Because we don’t catch them. We focus on the three-quarters of truth while the lie slips quietly by and does its damage.

This will mean different things to different people. The reason I’m writing about it is my hope that you will meditate on it to see if you are accepting a lie into your life.

Commercials are notorious for feeding us partial truths. Have you seen the one where a can of soda and a pitcher of Koolaid are sitting at a bus stop? The pregnant lady and her daughter come and the soda can hides behind a newspaper it is reading, but the pitcher jumps up to offer its seat to her. The message is Koolaid is friendlier, healthier, because it has one-third less sugar.

Big deal.

Neither is healthy. Water is healthy. That is the truth. In fact, water is the base of both soft drinks and sugary, fruit-flavored drinks. But because of our desire for a sweet taste we ignore the lie and focus on how friendly that pitcher of red stuff is.

The emotional word pictures that are produced on television through commercials and shows, as well as movies, appeal to our right brains causing us to embrace a lie. Lies about our physical appearance, the way we live our life, what we need to be happy, our very self worth.

The truth, like water, isn’t as appealing . . . but it is where life truly begins. This week ask yourself, has a lie slipped in and created discontent? A false sense of happiness that never quite quenches my thirst? Created insecurities?

Don’t believe the lies.  

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