Monday, March 14, 2011


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”~  Hans Hofmann

Every now and then I have to clean out the clutter in my life. It piles up before I know it! My email is packed with advertisement notices from clothing stores, my “to-do” list is full of unnecessary trips to town, my garden and yard call me when I should be writing, my writing calls me when I’m working in my garden and yard. The 2011 and 2012 huge writers’ conferences are clearing their throats in a polite but irritating way to emphasis the importance of concentrating on them. Of course the house is begging me to clean it, and the refrigerator and stove remind me I should have started supper already.

Do I sound crazy? Well, I should, because sometimes I let life drive me to that point. The answer? Simplify! How? The process of elimination and organization.

First, I clean out the clutter. Well, I get some help from my daughter Olivia. She’s the queen of “just toss it out.” I tend to hang on to things because I may need them in about ten years or so.

Second, I make lists of all the things that demand my time, then ask myself questions like, “do I really need to make that trip to town every day?” No. I could make all my appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Another question, “Is this activity really important? If not I start canceling and bowing out.

Third, for all the things that do matter, I prioritize them in order of importance. Then I dedicate a portion of my week to these things. That way “the voices” are not shaming me for doing one thing and not the other.

Do this every six months or so and you’ll be surprised at what you will accomplish, not to mention enjoying the peace that only simplicity can give


BECKY said...

Oh, Linda! I am so much like you. Clutter makes me crazy, yet I not only can't seem to get rid of it...I can't seem to stop creating it, either! I do get in a good cleaning, de-cluttering mood every now and then, but I always seem to stop at just the "not quite finished" point..and then it just builds up again. You actually did inspire me, though. I first read this earlier today and I did a major once-again-office-decluttering-good-start! Thanks for this!! (It helped, too, that my new love, Vern, rested nearby while I worked! STop by my blog to see a photo of him!) :D

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

remember what you have told me, put your tounge to the roof of your mouth let roll and sound out the letters NO:) good post