Monday, March 07, 2011


“Mighty things from small beginnings grow.”~  John Dryden

Last week I planted my tomato seeds, gave them a good drink of water, and put them to bed on the heated floor in my bathroom. In six days they stuck their thread-like stems above the soil and opened two itsy-bitsy, miniscule, leaves.

From such a tiny beginning, it is hard to believe that plants taller than me bearing fruit larger than my fist will come from these green hairs. But I’ve learned to not despise small beginnings. Not just those in my garden, but also in my life.

I tend to my little veggies with diligence. Connie Gayer, friend and master gardener, taught me to “pet” my plants each day by running my hand gently over them to simulate the wind blowing them because this strengthens their stems.

Sometimes life blows over me, bending my plans, but you know what? I learn to stand up again, stronger than before.

As my plants grow, I move them to larger pots so they can stretch out their roots and drink in more nourishment. However, the transplant sometimes throws them into a brief bit of a shock. But they quickly recover and grow into “teen-veggies.”

There have been times my plans have been uprooted and transplanted. The shock is uncomfortable and disheartening. Heck, it is often downright frightening. But in time, with an optimistic attitude, I stretch my roots in the new soil and after a while I discover I’ve grown.

Then comes the day my veggies must get about the business for their existence—feeding my family and friends. They are planted in the garden, no longer under the protection of the greenhouse, but out in the elements. Sure, I’ll make sure they have water, but they will have to weather the storms and Japanese beetles. And each year—I must say—my veggies have done a great job.

The day comes in all of our lives when we must get about the business of life, weathering the storms and predators. But we can do it, if we do not give up.
Don’t despise small beginnings, or changes. Stay diligent and you will “bear fruit!”


BECKY said...

Hi Linda. I just loved this. Oh so true and really hit home in many ways. It reminded me of one of the many sayings I like, "Grow where you are planted." I also loved the tip your friend Connie gave you. It made me feel happy, as if I was the tiny plant! Thanks for sharing a beautiful post.

Linda O'Connell said...

I believe in taking baby steps and biding my time. What is menat to be will be. I enjoyed your post.

Karen Barnes Jordan said...

I just realized I made a mistake about that conference in Little Rock. Aaugh! Oh well, Maybe I'll see you soon at another one. Sigh ...