Thursday, December 29, 2011


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~ Jimmy Dean

For most of us, January 1 is like a clean slate, an opportunity to start over, and permission to try again. Oprah Winfrey says it best, “Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.” But as I wrote in last year’s blog, where we shoot ourselves in the foot is by making resolutions instead of goals.


Resolutions are determined thoughts that weaken over the months. They lose their freshness. Then life takes over and chokes our good intentions for the remainder of the year and our gasping resolutions hold on to enough life to make us feel guilty because we have failed—again.

Goals are the groundwork to a plan. They give structure and support. How fast or slow the plan works doesn’t change the goal. We just keep moving toward it, even if it isn’t accomplished in a year.

What makes a strong goal? Here are a few of my thoughts:
·      Goals should be purposeful. Think them through, design a step-by-step plan and follow that plan. If we should stumble along the way, that doesn’t change the goal. We get up, dust ourselves off and keep moving forward.
·      Goals should be realistic. In 2010 when I set my goal to lose weight, I wanted to lose 50 pounds in three months, but that wasn’t going to happen and I knew it. Actually, it took me a year to lose 30. The most important thing I had to change was my mind and realize this goal could not be a temporary practice until I lost my excess weight. It was something I had to do for the rest of my earthly life! This year I have set my goal to exercise in order to strengthen my body and make me more flexible. I’m also going to exercise my mind.
·      Goals should be multidimensional. We need to have “vision” for what these goals will accomplish. When I set my goal to lose weight, I not only wanted to look better, I also wanted to feel better. I wanted to have more stamina and be able to keep up with my blossoming career as a writer and speaker. As I just mentioned, 2012 will be a year to exercise my body through aerobics and weight training, exercise my mind by reading and working some sort of word or number puzzle, and exercise my spirit by meditation. We are all three-part beings. Why not take care of our whole self?
·      Goals should dream big! I know I said to be realistic, and when it comes to something that leans heavily on our personal responsibility, we should be reasonable with ourselves. But, I also believe we should “dream” big and see where life takes us. Imagine, ask “What if?” take risks. Have a big goal in your heart’s pocket. You never know where it will lead you! As C.S. Lewis says, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” And remember, you do not have a 12-month time limit. Goals are set in place and will remain until you reach them.

I’m sure there are more things that could be added to this list and I’d like to hear from your thoughts.

I like to write down my goals. There is just something about writing them down that really makes a difference. I usually begin my year with writing a “workable” list of 5 things I’d like to accomplish and one “dream big” goal. This year I want to:

·      Be flexible enough to do the splits. (I was a gymnast in my younger days)
·      Finish the rewrite of my novel (This was last year’s goal. However, once I started it has turned out to be an entirely different story. So, you see, it is taking longer but that is okay. I’m moving forward.
·      Write a devotional book
·      Increase my speaking and workshop engagements on the East and West coasts.
·      Go to Europe
And my BIG DREAM, to have my novel made into a movie.

What about you? Do you have any goals to start in 2012? Notice I say start. They may not be finished in 2013. That is the beauty of goals. They are there until we cross the finish line, whatever the year. How we run the race—fast and determined, slow and steady, or undisciplined and sporadic— is up to us.

May you have a successful and fruitful 2012!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In my 56 Christmases I’ve seen society change from a hardworking mentality to an entitlement mentality, to greed, to not accepting personal responsibility, and now we face a bankrupt nation. 

But all is not lost. As I watch the dollar grow more worthless each passing day, I am actually finding myself again. Instead of getting lost in the orgy of spending for the perfect Santa Claus morning, I’m spending time with those I love. Instead of debt bending my back with worry, I stand straight and look to the future debt free. And since my gaze is on the horizon I see others and recognize their need. 

Am I describing you? Have you undergone this change of mind? If not, I encourage everyone to use this holiday season as a springboard into the future. Change your mindset. Don’t regret the past, think forward and ask yourself, “How can I make someone’s life better?” Helping others doesn’t always require money. Time invested in their lives is just as needed. 

Lift up your eyes and be sensitive to those around you. Don’t grumble about the rich or the poor. Do something. Don’t feel that anyone owes you anything. Do something. Make the same choice as our forefathers. Have the attitude and the willingness to do what it takes. 

If you have two cents to your name, give one to someone else. If your house is only 300 square feet, invite someone over for coffee and encourage him or her. Start giving to the poor and continue giving throughout the year. Help those who have dedicated their lives to the poor. Teach your children to give. Make that the most exciting part of Christmas for them. 

Christmas is the anniversary to renew my resolve to celebrate Christ’s command in Matthew 22:36-40 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is the noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.” ~ Confucius

Unfortunately most learn by experience. In other words, we learn the hard way.  How many times I’ve wished that wasn’t’ the case in my own life. But I’m learning to train my ears on people who have learned by experience and reflecting on their experience. And when someone comes to me in the spirit of concern and love, I listen to them . . . even when what they have to say is something I’d rather not hear.

You see, wisdom often contradicts my desires, it interferes with my plans, it threatens to remove the blinders that have kept me safely in the dark and forces me to squint in the light of truth and look at all aspects of a situation. Sometimes it requires me to apologize. Other times it asks me to listen to the unjustified criticisms of another without defending myself. As Neal’s grandmother always said, “The less you speak, the more you hear.”

There are plenty of advisors in this world. Some may not have our best in mind. But for those who do—those who have nothing to gain if we listen to them or not—we should listen and reflect on what they say.  Think of a ship out on the high seas during a violent storm. Apart from his instruments, the captain cannot have the same sense of direction as one who watches above the storm. In the tempest of our lives, we do not have the same understanding and perception as those standing on the outside looking in. I like what the first century Roman author, Publilius Syrus, said, “Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.”

This week, be wise and listen to those who love you. Put down your will and take the blinders off. Honestly reflect on what they say. Then make your decision.

Monday, November 14, 2011


“Fire is never a gentle master.”

Last post I wrote about the wonderful attributes of fire. And as long as fire is controlled, in the hearth, on the wick, within the fire-ring it is a good thing. However, if a spark pops out of the fireplace and ignites the rug, if the candle is too close to a curtain and sets it on fire, if the fire at camp jumps the ring and starts a forest-fire, then we have big problems.

You see, fire is always hungry and will greedily eat up (burn up) everything in its path. Fire people do that too. When a fire person walks into a room, he or she changes the mood without saying a word. If they walk in happy, everyone is happy. If they walk in moody and intense, the oxygen leaves the room and everyone is on edge.

So how do fire people turn us other elements into “Crispy Critters?”
One way is their expectations. Since they are light, they have no patience for those of us who do not see things the way they do. Fire people are right even when they are wrong and they have high standards and expectations of others. Rarely do they listen to the suggestions of others. And it is hard to meet expectations, especially when you know they are being unrealistic and unreasonable.

Tip for those with Fire Personalities: Respect the fact that other elements have strengths and insights that you don’t have. Listen to them. Be teachable. Humble yourself and work with them. If they begin to struggle, then gently insinuate yourself and shed light, not blow them away with a flame torch.

Tip for those living with Fire Personalities: Understand that they are not trying to be mean, but wanting success for you as well as for themselves. They have tunnel vision and the goal is at the end of the tunnel. What they don’t see is what gets burned up as they blaze toward it. What fire needs is fuel. What you need is them in control. So cool them down a bit by waiting until the intense situation is over. Then sit down with them and talk directly about the situation. Or write them a memo. Fire people are not interested in how you feel. They want the black and white, the bottom line, short and to the point, bulleted items.  So tell them the problem, solutions they can choose from (and make it their own) and remind them of commitments they have made or details they may have forgotten. Also, make it clear about how you want them to communicate with you in the future.

Another problem that comes up with fire personalities is that they use people. People are fuel for them and they will use up every drop of energy those around them have. Fire people are big idea people and delegators. So they will implement their ideas and work people to death. Even worse, they will start on new ideas and have people working on two or three things at a time, all the while expecting excellence.

Tip for those with Fire Personalities: Respect the time and energy of others. You don’t own them.

Tip for those living with Fire Personalities: Again, recognize that they are burning towards a goal. When they are “glowing in the hearth” go to them. Feed them first. Tell them the attributes of their ideas. Then tell them you want them to succeed. Then give them your boundaries. What you can do to make his or her ideas succeed and what you cannot do. Again, do this in a memo, bullet points, short and concise.

Fire people can be the absolute best communicators and the absolute worst communicators. They can warm your heart and torch your soul. And when they flame out of control, the damage they can do with their words are devastating. When they are out of control, they go for the “shock” value of their words. They are opinionated, blunt, and rude. So consumed are they in their own fire they are blind to the charred person they are engulfing.

Tip for those with Fire Personalities: Learn to recognize the body language of those around you. If they are tense and irritable, realize you might be the cause of it and you can be the solution. Ask them, “Am I being too intense?” Make it safe for them to say, “Yes.” And then apologize and back off! If you want things done the right way—your way—then build a bridge, not a wall!

Tip for those living with Fire Personalities: You have to draw boundaries. Fire needs fuel and oxygen to burn. Don’t give it to them. Walk away if you can, and above all, don’t argue! That feeds them. If you do this, they may go and seek fuel somewhere else, or they may cool off. If everyone around them learns to not give them the fuel they need to burn out of control, fire people quickly recognize something is wrong and cool off.

Well, this is the end of my communications posts. I also want to say that it is rare that anyone is just one personality type. More often than not, we are a combination of two. I hope this helps you understand others and your patience with them. Also, I hope it will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Build on your strengths, get rid of your weaknesses.

Friday, November 04, 2011


“To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.” - Walter Pater

The evenings are growing chilly and I’m enjoying the cozy fire in our hearth. Nothing says, “Welcome, have a seat, relax,” quite so inviting. Watching the dancing, colorful, flames is mesmerizing. They warm my face and my heart. Fire is cleansing. It clears underbrush in forests, sterilizes tools and boils water. Our food is made safe by fire. It also aids in reshaping objects, provides light for our path, and protects us.

Fire people are the first people one notices when walking into a room. Just as the playful flames in the fireplace draws our attention when entering, so do those with this type of personality. They are warm and inviting. They are also very intelligent and thrive on illuminating all those around them. Fire people are very protective of those they care about.

Just as fire is used to reshape iron and glass, those who have the traits of fire are committed to developing others. Their ideas are brilliant and they can give the right amount of “heat” to bring about change in a person, a situation, or even a company.

It is good to have fire people in charge. They thrive in pressure, excel and are clear-headed in an emergency. And just as fire clears all the underbrush that blocks our way in the forest, fire people clear clutter in any situation and organize solutions.

It is good to have a fire person on your team! Do you have one?

Next week: Burned by Fire!  

Sunday, October 02, 2011


Last time we had fun with wind. But when wind goes wild, it can really cause problems with all of the other elements, including itself. Think about when wild wind meets water they become hurricanes and floods. Wind can turn fire into a wildfire and drive it forward creating a destructive path. Out of control wind on earth causes dust storms and wild wind on itself becomes tornadoes.

When people with wind personalities go overboard, they can cause problems as well. For instance, we know that wind people are friendly, outgoing, fun to be with because they can turn almost anything into a game, and they are funny. However, if they get out of control, they can be loud, obnoxious, and make anything, a social gathering, a business meeting, even a conversation, all about them.

Tip for Wind Personalities: Notice people’s expressions and body language when you are attending at any kind of gathering. If you are speaking and you see them looking bored, staring over your shoulder or at the floor, rocking from their heels to their toes, or slowly inching backward and glancing over the crowd, it is time to stop talking.

Tip for those who have wind personalities in their lives: Remember they need to express themselves and they actually need people to pay attention to them. They are not overtly aware of this need and they will step up the embellishments and the volume in order to achieve this, so talk to them.

Wind people are passionate, full of ideas, and love to start new projects. But their passion often becomes emotional and/or overbearing. Their ideas are crazy over the top because like the wind, their mind expands and swirls upward making large obstacles look tiny from their lofty viewpoint. Furthermore, the projects they start more often than not never get finished. Just look in the craft closet of a wind person. It will be full of half completed creations. Why are they like this? Simple answer, they get bored.

Tip for Wind Personalities: Listen to others and their concerns about your ideas and proposals. And discipline yourself to always finish what you start before beginning another project.

Tip for those who have wind personalities in their lives: Listen to their ideas, no matter how crazy they sound. Just think, years ago someone suggested bottling water to sell like soft drinks. Sounded crazy . . . then.

Just as wind blows in several directions scattering leaves all over the lawn you just raked, tangling your hair that you just finished working on for the past thirty minutes, so is the wind person. Their homes, offices, and closets, looks like 70 mph straight winds have blown through them. Unless they are married to an earth—like me—I can almost promise it is a mess. Not dirty, mind you, but cluttered.
They also have a hard time focusing, organizing, and staying organized.

Tip for Wind Personalities: Get “fun” containers to keep your stuff in, or organize your office with. It really helps. Take this from your “sister-wind.” Also, sticky notes are great! Stick them where you look most often to remind you of things you need to do.

Tip for those who have wind personalities in their lives: Buy them fun containers and sticky notes instead of complaining.
And if you see them “doodling” while you are speaking—whether at home or in a meeting—don’t take this as a sign of their disinterest. It is their way of focusing. And all those stacks of stuff on their desk? Don’t worry about it. They know what is in each stack. Just consider it vertical filing.

An additional tip for wind personalities—if you are in an argument with a fire personality, it isn’t wise to keep pressing your point. Remind yourself, what happens when you blow on fire? Learned that one the hard way.  

Speaking of fire . . . next time: FIRE!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


“The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going . . .” ~ Jesus Christ

There is so much to be said about the wind. It is in constant motion, moving forward, up, down, around and around. It is playful and fast.

Wind circles the earth picking up scents and sharing them with people miles away. It picks up seeds and scatters them in new places.

We cannot actually see the wind. It is transparent. But we can see its effects, feel it lift our hair and blow against our skin. Wind refreshes us on hot days. It is playful—soaring our kites into the sky, swirling an autumnal whirlwind of leaves on our paths, blowing our dropped receipt across the parking lot just a little beyond our reach.

It is also determined. There is hardly anything that can keep wind out. It will find a hole or crack to blow through somewhere, somehow and we can hear its music or moan.

In the same way, people with the traits of the wind are fun, playful, transparent, and on the move. They love change—new places and new experiences. Just as we don’t know where the wind came from or where it is going, wind people are spontaneous. They pick up new ideas and share them, hoping that these “seeds” of ideas will take root somehow.

It is exciting to be friends with wind people. They are so friendly and enthusiastic. Since they are naturally uplifting, they make you feel good about being you. Simply put, they love people. It is rare that they meet a stranger. Because they are so friendly and transparent, we naturally trust them. They can convince us of just about anything.

There is no one who loves telling a story better than wind people. They are masters at embellishment and there is nothing they like better than an audience! If you happen to be on the fringe of the circle of people around them listening to their story and they notice this, they happily raise their voice.

We need wind people. They keep us smiling. More important, they make us think outside of the box our left-brains have constructed. Life is always interesting with them around, and they remind us of why we are special.
They always have new ideas, better ways, and a positive outlook. 

Does this remind you of someone? Is it you? Happy and blessed are those who have wind friends.

Next: Blown away by Wind 

Monday, August 29, 2011


If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.” ~ Mercedes Lackey

This week I am interrupting my “understanding others to enhance better communication” posts to share with you something my mother and I spoke about this morning. It pierced my heart and I feel it has an important message for many of my readers.

Years ago my father had a manufacturing business and the building was on a parcel of his parents land in Vilonia, AR. From the building he could see his folk's house. Each day he made the 45-minute drive to the business, worked all day, then left. Some days he ate lunch with his parents but many days he’d work straight through. 

His father visited the plant daily to visit and check things out, but his mother couldn’t. However, every day when it came time for Dad to leave she stood at the window and waved. He always waved back. However, it never occurred to him to take an extra ten minutes to go hug his mom and tell her he loved her. After all, she’d always be there, right?

But of course, she wouldn’t always be there. She died from brain cancer. Now a several decades later, my daddy who is now in his eighties, still remembers his little momma at the window waving. He aches with tearful regret for not taking the time to gather her up in his arms and simply saying, “I love you. I appreciate you.”

This kind of regret is impossible to fix.

Please don’t take those who are important to you for granted. Is there anyone in your life who is “waving at the window?” Is there anyone in your life who, decades after they are gone, you would regret not showing love or appreciation?

If so, do it today. If you cannot hug them or tell them face-to-face, write a note, send an email, make a call.

Fix it before it is broken. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011


“ . . . We have very little control over external forces such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, disasters, illness and pain. What really matters is the internal force. How do I respond to those disasters? Over that I have complete control.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia

            Last week we looked at all the beauty and the positive qualities of an earth personality. But, as with all personalities, there are several vulnerabilities.
            People who have the character qualities of earth are very supportive and nurturing to all who need them—friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike. However, they are very closed about their personal life. Instead, they only open up to a small circle of trusted friends. It can be very hard getting to know them and this can make them appear aloof.
  • ·      Tip for earth personalities: You don’t have to open up to everyone who comes your way, but be aware of those who are making friendly overtones and be gracious.
  • ·      Tip for those of us who have earth people in our life: Don’t be offended if you are not readily “received” into earth’s circle of friends. Be patient and trustworthy.

            Earth people are very calm and stable—most of the time, that is. During those peaceful days they may be burying their problems, frustrations, anger, pain, and offenses. I call it “stuffing.” It causes a slow burn in their center. They know those things are there and may feel the burn, but it is controllable for a while. Then, when there is no more room in their center and when the burn grows too hot, the smallest thing will cause them to blow like a volcano. The unfortunate person who placed the proverbial “last straw” stands back, owl-eyed, and wonders why the huge reaction to such a small thing.
  • ·      Tip for earth personalities: Try and recognize when you are burying problems or offenses. It is better to deal with it right then. You aren’t doing any favors by stuffing.
  • ·      Tip for those of us who have earth people in our life: If this happens, step back, take a deep breath, and realize it isn’t you. It is many things. Try not to take offense.

Just as earth has cycles, those who are like earth must have order. They are very conscientious and detailed. But if they are not careful they can be obnoxiously picky and rigid. They also resist change whether it is something as simple as rearranging the furniture to applying for a new job. In addition to being very slow to accept change, they do not like unfamiliar situations. At parties they prefer to hide away or spend the evening speaking only to those they know. They hate working the room.
  • ·      Tip for earth personalities: Recognize the difference between paying attention to details and being a dictator of details. Also, be willing to stretch yourself socially. Mix a little. Ask people about themselves. This will not only enrich your life but it will bless others.
  • ·      Tip for those of us who have earth people in our life: Appreciate the fact that earth people pay attention to details and that without them many things would slip by unnoticed. And in a social situation, if you notice the earth person hiding in the corner, avoiding people, go to them and begin a conversation. Keep it light, maybe ask about their interests or family.  

Remember last week I wrote about how the earth spins but we cannot feel it? Well, the earth person’s mind spins constantly. Sometimes I will say something to Neal, and although he is looking at me, he doesn’t hear a word I say. Why? His mind is spinning with an idea, solving a problem, or making a to do list.
  • ·      Tip for earth personalities: Notice when someone is speaking to you and give them your full attention.
  • ·      Tip for those of us who have earth people in our life: Don’t take offense. Just ask him/her to repeat what you said.

Earth, we need it—them. I hope this helps you appreciate our earth brothers and sisters.
I’m sure you’ve noticed I didn’t put any tips in the water article. It just occurred to me to add tips while writing this article. I’ll add tips to the water piece this week.

Next week: Wind!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” ~ Rachel Carson

            While sitting on my porch I mused on the beauty all around me. I thought about how diversity of our earth. It supports all kinds of life. Every human, animal, insect, plant, tree, bush, lake, pond, stream, ocean, derives its life and/or is supported by earth.
            Earth is in constant motion, but we can’t see or feel it. The sphere we live on spins 1,038 miles per hour at the equator, 700 – 900 mph at mid-latitudes. It completely rotates in 24 hours. And yet, sitting on the porch the only movement I feel is my rocking in the chair.
            It is orderly, governed by seasons and time. Earth provides us with food and protection. Here is the tornado belt, we are well acquainted with “hidey holes” or what others call storm cellars which are buried in the ground.
            I like to think earth is humble. It showcases the roses’ blooms, the maple tree’s scarlet leaves, the peacock’s jewel-toned feathers, the teal waves of the ocean, and so much more for all to see and enjoy. All the while, hidden deep within Earth are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold, silver, copper, and many more precious stones and metals. But in order to find these treasures, we have to dig. And when we dig we discover the many layers that make up earth.
            Perhaps you know someone who has the same characteristics of earth. Maybe you have these characteristics. Earth people literally hold others up. They are creative and love beauty. You will find most artists and musicians have the qualities of earth. Scientists usually have the characteristics of earth because of their need for order, their curiosity from minds that constantly spin with questions about life, how it works and how to make it better.
            The earth people I know open their arms wide to those who need help, guidance, and a boost. However, when it comes to opening their lives to others, well, that privilege must be earned. As a rule they are very private people. One must earn their trust. And to find the treasure inside them we have to dig. They will not brag about themselves.
            My husband, Neal, is an earth person. He does so many incredible things for the company he works for but keeps silent. It nettles me to no end for others, usually wind people, to take credit for something he has done. Still, he won’t defend himself unless I, also a wind person, push him to take a stand.
            You will find those with the elements of earth in front of the line when it comes to helping, sheltering, advising, and encouraging. They are interesting people having many layers to their personalities. Earth people are stable and dependable. Just like the earth . . . well, most of the time. 
            Next blog we will explore the characteristics of earth that aren’t so exquisite!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


“Great floods have flown from simple sources.” ~ William Shakespeare

From my last blog you see how delightful a water personality can be. People who have water attributes are easy to get along with because they can conform to any situation. They are sparkling and refreshing. Not to mention great listeners who do not speak their mind right away. In fact, they do nothing impulsively. Like water, they reflect and think on it.

The water personality will be there when you need them. Just as heavy burdens are moved on water, these people will help you in times of trouble.  As far as working with water people, they are great problem solvers. Just as water finds a path around most obstacles, so can this personality. They are quietly determined.

We ALL need water friends in our lives. However, there are a few problems with water. If you are a water inclined person, you might recognize these challenging areas. If you know a water person, maybe this will help you be more patient with them.

Water can be destructive. Think tsunami, hurricane, or flood. But water doesn’t do these things on its own initiative.  If left alone, water likes to flow, trickle, and pool. But an underground earthquake, high winds, or limited space create problems for water so much so that it cannot conform. All the other personalities can do the same to water people. Water personalities are low maintenance—usually. But if they lose structure, if we try to make them move too fast, or if we put too much on them, they will seek escape or totally lose composure and flood all over the place. This doesn’t last long, however, because just like water that has been split apart by a rock quickly gathers itself back into one seamless whole, so can water people. They can resettle and rebalance themselves.

Tip for water personalities: Speak up! I know you don't like to, but how can other's know if you feel overwhelmed if you don't tell them? Remember that all they ask of you is what they expect of themselves. 
Tip for those with water personalities in their lives:
Remember that water people naturally bear burdens of everybody! This easily overwhelms them and just because you asks one thing, it is just one thing on top of dozens put on them by others. Be patient. Ask them how they feel. Offer to carry the load with them. 

People with water traits can be stubborn and appear slow, maybe even lazy. But they aren’t. They just like to do things in their own time. You won’t get an argument out of them; they’ll just quietly do it their way. They also tend to want to help everyone else to the detriment of their own needs and responsibilities.

Tip for water personalities:
Be conscious of deadlines. Focus! Do your own work first! Fulfill your own responsibilities first.
Tip for those with water personalities in their lives: Keep in mind that a water person is very meticulous and reflective. They like to think before acting. In fact, they think a lot! Just ask my husband when we are furniture shopping. He has learned to go do something else while I stare and think. If you force them to move too quickly in a decision, they will stagnate.
If you make a water person angry, they will freeze. If you put pressure on them they will turn to steam and disappear emotionally. It is rare that they will speak up—ever. They will adapt, but will also be polluted with bitterness. And if they keep this bitterness bottled up it will cloud their thinking. What was once clear and transparent gets dark and murky.

Water. Life giving, refreshing, cleansing, and sparkling. With a little understanding, Water people will be the same way!

Up next: Earth

Thursday, July 14, 2011


“Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep”~ William Shakespeare

In our front yard my husband and I built a large water feature. I call it Selah Pond. Almost every morning I spend some quiet time on the front porch preparing for my day and listen to the water fall on the rocks. It is so relaxing and peaceful. I close my eyes and lose myself in its music.

My grandchildren love to throw rocks in the pond and watch it splash then ripple back to a smooth surface. On windy days the tiny waves reflect the sun’s rays and making tiny diamonds of light dance on the surface. And it isn’t just we humans who enjoy my little pool. Frogs, insects, birds and the neighbors’ dogs find it an excellent source of refreshment.

From observing Selah Pond I’ve found that water has a peaceful and relaxing voice. It is fun, refreshing, and sparkling. Water reflects and flows. It is necessary to life. It is versatile being able to turn into steam or ice. It also supports the heaviest burdens—think of a cargo ship.

Now let’s apply the above characteristics to people. Do you, or someone you know, remind you of water?

Water people:
·      Have a peaceful demeanor
·      Are easy going
·      Have a sparkling personality
·      Like to reflect
·      Are refreshing
·      Are fun
·      People (and animals) like being around them
·      Are supportive
·      Carry the burdens of others
·      Can conform to any situation

We all enjoy water people when they are flowing in these character qualities. Do you or someone you know have water characteristics?

The problem with water characteristics