Monday, April 12, 2010


       “Without forgiveness, there’s no future.” ~ Desmond Tutu

As a child, I always heard the phrase, “Forgive and Forget.” As an adult, I learned that forgetting is physically impossible. Our brains are not designed to forget. I discovered that forgiving is both a choice and a process.
When we’ve been offended, hurt, and even abused, what we do with the strong, and often justifiable, emotions? How will they determine our future? Will we allow our lives to be darkened of deepened?
Steve Dixon spoke about this in such a clear way. When we’ve been hurt we have a choice to nurse that hurt and rehearse it over and over making it a permanent wrinkle in our brain. OR we can reverse it.
How do we reverse it? By getting perspective. Do we really want to allow that person or situation to continually hurt us, even years later? I know the answer to that—of course not.
As I said earlier, forgiveness is a process. Imagine the offenses rolled up in a ball. You throw it away from you. Sometimes the ball bounces back. Dodge it! But should you catch it, don’t nurse it or rehearse it, reverse it! Throw it away again.
Another way to reverse hurts is to help others. We live in a broken world with millions of hurting people. This weekend I learned that every 20 seconds a child dies from complications because they drank dirty water. Dirty water! We can focus on helping end that problem. We can help the homeless, the fatherless, the hungry, the illiterate, and when we’ve healed from our particular hurt, we can help those in similar situations to what we have suffered.
Helping others helps us to put our lives in a better perspective. Our correct response to it deepens our lives. A rose releases the most fragrance when it is crushed. It is possible to forgive. To forgive not only heals us, it matures us.
This week, roll all the offenses you’ve carried into a ball and CAST them from you. If they bounce back, DODGE THEM.
Be the fragrance of forgiveness

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