Monday, February 08, 2010


“What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote

It is believed that the Grand Canyon was created by the Colorado River over the span of millions of years. Wow. The consistent flow of water cut through layers of rock forming the beautiful wonder we admire today. 

Most of us have a dream, a goal, a plan or something we know we are supposed to do. But for some reason starting it is daunting. In order to avoid starting we fill our time with other things. If I’m facing a chapter in my book that isn’t going well, I’ll go so far as to clean out the refrigerator. That is desperate avoidance! 

It took millions of years for water to cut the rock. We don’t have that long. But we do have time to take that first step. It may be a baby step, but if taken every day, you WILL arrive. 
I write every day, even if it is a page. The habit of consistency gets me to the end of my book. 

What about you? Are putting off starting something you know you need and or want to do? I spoke with a 50 something lady who want to go to college. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Silly, huh. An old woman like me?” I asked her, “Are you planning on dying in the next five years?” She looked at me funny. I don’t blame her. But I explained that the next five years will most likely come and she would either have a diploma or she wouldn’t. 

What’s there to lose? 

Do you need to start taking care of your health? Restore a relationship? Get special training? Go for that job? Start that project? 

What ever it is, take that first step and consistently take a step (or two, ten, twenty, two-hundred) every day.  

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