Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is an interesting tree in Liss, England. It is hollow in the middle. Like the one the Keebler Elves live in! You can actually go inside it, look up and see the sky. It is empty, but life thrives.

I think of that tree when I feel I've failed. That same kind of emptiness possesses my soul.

Josh Foliart pointed out that when Jesus changed Simon's name to Peter, meaning rock, he was actually prophesying Peter's destiny.

Think about that. Jesus knew Peter would fail him. Deny him. And yet, that would not change Peter's destiny.

When we fail, we feel hollow, but feeling has nothing to do with destiny. Nothing changes. The only thing that makes failure good is how we use it.

Instead of turning inward pitying and loathing ourselves, we must pick ourselves up and learn from it. Then use that experience to connect and help others.

Just like this tree, we have should have nothing to hide. We should welcome others to walk inside us and see that it is possible to thrive no matter what happens because our life source is Jesus.

We may fail, but love never fails. Our destiny, our purpose, remains intact and strong.

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