Thursday, January 01, 2009


Oprah Winfrey said a new year is another chance to get it right.

I prefer to think that each new day is another chance to get it right. Whatever "it" is for you, there is new hope for each new day.

On my writing blog, Daydreaming On Paper, I encourage my readers to make goals instead of resolutions, because if we fail in keeping a resolution there is an element of defeat and/or shame. To fall short of a goal just means we have to keep trying. Hope is still within reach.

Think about 2009:

1. What do you want it to look like as far as you are concerned?

2. What would you like to accomplish?

3. What needs to happen in order to accomplish this?

If you want to enhance your life, help others. This is a worthy goal to focus on. Ask yourself:

1. What do I care about--really care about--what makes me "pound the table?"

2. Is there a person or cause that I could help?

3. What can I do to make a positive impact?

I believe if we concentrate on the last three questions our personal quality of life will be beyond good. When I speak at retreats I have an exercise that illustrates this point:

I ask for three volunteers. Two stay up front with me and one goes to the back. I have one woman look at her belly button, the other looks straight ahead, and the lady in back moves somewhere in the audience and stays there.

Then I instruct the woman looking at her belly button to go and find the lady in the audience, but she cannot take her eyes off her belly button.

She tries but only succeeds to run into a lot of tables.

Then I ask the lady looking straight ahead to find her. Of course she walks right to her.

My point is that as long as we keep looking up and helping others we will find our way easier than if our focus is primarily on ourselves.

If our goals include helping others, we will reach them, and much more.

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