Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Aftermonths of hard work during the spring and summer, Mother Nature can finally let her leaves down, kick back and enjoy the fruits of her labor. It is the time of year when she dons a colorful dress and sports a cool air, intoxicating me with the spicy scent of mums.

I play tag with her while walking amidst the swirling rust and golden leaves. During fall evenings when the breeze is like velvet on my skin, I enjoy rocking on my front porch sipping hot tea and watching deer venture from the darkness of the woods. They quietly nibble acorns in the yard, occasionally checking to make sure I'm still in my chair.

It is times like these that I snuggle into a reflective mood. In the ebb and flow of life I've been on the top of the mountain, and down for the count from some pretty tough blows. How these blows will affect my life is up to me. Will I let hardships deepen me or darken me?
I admit, healing from life's assaults takes time. It is a process. Having eternal perspective helps me make the choice to allow adversity to strengthen my character. I have a great example in Christ. There is nothing I've suffered that Jesus can't understand. He was lied to, lied about, insulted, hated, spit on, rejected, stripped naked in public, beaten, and murdered.
But it says in I Peter 3 that He intrusted Himself to God who is a righteous judge. In the same way, I entrust myself to God. As it says in Romans 8:28, all things will be worked for my good. And there are times it has taken a faith beyond my understanding to believe that any good could possibly come from suffering.
One pathway to healing is to help others. Our pastor once said, "Nobody can help somebody like somebody who's been there." And that is so true.
Picture a leaf falling to the ground and incorporating back into the earth. In death it gives back to nature by creating a nourshing place for new life.
In the same way, if we allow our trials to create compassion in us for others, if we show our scars as evidence of a wound healed, we also give and nourish hope in our fellow man
Ahhhh, Autumn. I will enjoy you to the fullest and anticipate the coziness of the fire during winter. Thank you Lord, for giving me this time of refreshment.