Friday, July 20, 2007

Eight Random Facts

My good friend Velda Brotherton just tagged me with a "meme," which requires me to tell eight random facts about myself. The very name--meme--brings to mind when I was in school and I knew the answer (didn't happen often) and I'd lift my hand, wave frantically, and say, "Me! Me!"

Well, here is what I came up with:

1. I went to the same high school as Mary Steenburgen and she sat next to me in Creative Writing class.

2. My grandmother was a Presley from Tupelo and it is family legend that we are related to Elvis. In fact, my sons do favor him.

3. When I was in junior high, I danced in the Nutcracker Suite. I was an acrobatic jester. Sigh--those were the days.

4. I finished my first novel, In the Elephants Shadow. "Finished" is the imperative word here. I find it hard to finish anything.

5. I'm a very young grandmother to Ethan, Elizabeth, and Robby.

6. My husband, Neal, and I will be married 30 years in January. It's been a great life!

7. We are building our retirement house in the middle of the woods--no yard, no grass, just trees, birds, squirrels, deer . . . I don't want to think about what crawls under those dead leaves!

8. Psalm 145 is why I am a public speaker & Psalm 102:18 is why I write.

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