Monday, June 11, 2007

More Good News!

Perhaps one of the most significant things I do is write devotionals. Short paragraphs of connection, encouragement, and hope. These little paragraphs can literally change someone's life from misery to joy. These little paragraphs can save lives, physically and spiritually.

That's why I write them.

When I heard about Jay Payleitner's project, One Year Life Verse Devotional, and that he was asking for devotion submissions on how a verse from Scripture really touched my life, A Life Verse, I immediately thought of Psalm 112:4a, Even in darkness light dawns for the upright.

I had been clinging to that verse for quite some time as I went through a particularily troubling situation. The promise that light would invade the darkness that was pressing me into a corner was something I desperately wanted. The promise of light gave me hope in the darkness.

I wrote about my experience. That in itself was healing. I submitted my devotion and got the good news a couple of days ago. It's my hope that others will be encouraged by my experience.

Being able to turn a personal struggle into something that will help others is the continual reward for enduring and overcoming those tough times!

My devotion: On the Edge of Dawn - is on the April 7 day.

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