Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last year I encouraged you to make 5 goals for 2006, instead of resolutions and promised I’d do the same. How did you do? I met 2.5 of mine. Did I fail? Well, if I had made 5 resolutions, then yes, I failed in 2.5 of them. But I made goals.

You see, if I make a resolution on January 1 and fail by May, my tendency is to think, “Oh, well, maybe next year.” But goals are ongoing and flexible. If I make a goal that proves unrealistic or impractical then I modify and adjust. There is no “failure” to it. If I simply just don’t meet it, then I have the liberty to move it to the top of my list.

I encourage you who made goals but didn’t reach all of them, if they are still relevant to your life, move them to the top of the list and make new ones to follow. Some goals are not made to be met in a year; rather, they are far reaching. Like the person who wrote me and said her goal is to own a house in France. She is doing what it takes to achieve that goal, but it will take time. The key is don’t give up!

You may be wondering about my odd 2.5 calculations. Okay, here are the goals I wrote for 2006:

1. To finish my novel and get it in the hands of an agent. I finished my novel in October and started editing it. But I didn’t get it to an agent. However, I did query one and he has asked to see a proposal. Therefore, technically, I’m three weeks late on the agent part of my goal.

2. Pitch my idea for a gift book, Romance—The Steak Sauce of Love, to a publisher by May. This began as a humorous commentary at how we view love verses what love really is. I could see it as a gift book that would use the humor to drive home the more “in your face” truth about love. But, I changed my mind—for now. As my direction for 2006 unfolded, this project became very low on my priority list. Maybe later.

3. To go to CLASSeminar in July to improve my public speaking skills. I did this and it was worth every penny. I highly recommend this for those of you in the inspirational field. Go to

4. To go to the Glorietta Christian Writers Conference in New Mexico. When I looked into this I found that the dates conflicted with another seminar I'd already committed to. This year I wrote the conference on my calendar and have started saving toward it.

5. To go to the seminars from the money I earn from writing and speaking. I did this with CLASSeminar. I sold two stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul and I held a workshop on writing creative non-fiction.

Now, how did you do? Let me hear from you about the goals you reached and the new ones you made for 2007.

Here's mine for 2007:

1. To go to Glorietta.
2. To write the sequel to my first novel, In the Elephant’s Shadow.
3. To write a nonfiction book on praying for teenagers.
4. To build a real website.
5. To increase my speaking engagements.
May your 2007 be full of giving, loving, and joy!

Speaking of joy, meet my new grandson, Robert O'Neal Apple, III.

You may remember my blog, It's All Right, where I wrote about Rob and Bea losing their first baby, then announced the great news of this little one's expected arrival. I'm happy to say Robby is happy and healthy and his momma and daddy are "naturals" at parenting!


Patsy said...

Greetings Linda,

I am soooo proud of you!!!
Just happened on your web page. I was trying to find your phone number as it is not in phone book.
We are in BV and very happy. Let's talk!
I love what I have read and am going to look at everything you have online.
Lew, Roger, Scott, Ben and Amye are all doing great.
Love you sister in Christ!

PC said...

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! How proud you all must be!