Saturday, December 31, 2005

May of 2001, I listened to Henriette Anne Klauser speak about her book, Write It Down, Make It Happen, at the Oklahoma Writer's conference.

In essence, she explained how writing down goals is the first step toward achieving them. I believe that. In fact, most of the things I wrote down have come to pass.

One goal on my list was that I wanted to be published in Woman's World, another was that I wanted to be a public speaker. I've done both. I also wrote that I wanted to go to England. I'm going there in April.

I also wrote that I wanted to weigh 140 lbs. Oh well, like I said, most, have happened.

January 1st is a good time to list goals. Goals, not resolutions.

Dream big. Write them down, and be faithful to do your part. Rarely are things handed to us on a silver platter. The reason I was published in Woman's World was because I wrote something.

List at least 5 things. I'll do the same, and let's meet here next December 31st and share what happened in 2006!

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Anonymous said...

Linda...I finally visited your site. Great reading! You are such an inspiration. At this Thanksgiving seaason you are among my favorite memories of family and friendship! I believe ours will last through the ages!!! let's see's already been a few ages!! So much and love to you and your family! Year 2007 is yours!Cozy