Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Autumn Again!

Hello and Happy Cool Air~Orange, Yellow, & Red~Pumpkin & Leaves~Autumn!
Can you tell it is my FAVORITE time of year?

This makes one year that I've had this site. My format has been to write observations corresponding to each month.

However, this year I want to concentrate on thoughts and I would like to receive your thoughts, too.

My friend, Cozy Dixon, conducts seminars called The Path. It is wonderful because it helps a person discover his or her purpose and passion. In essence you discover why you were born.

During the seminar, we write a mission statement based on what we've discovered about ourselves. Mine is to equip, encourage, and validate, the fullness of God in others. Essentially, I'm a cheerleader!

Funny, after I wrote this, I realized that is exactly what I've done all my life. but now I had permission to concentrate on my mission and actually say "no" to things that were not part of my statement. This is a good thing. Most of us want to be all things to all people, diluting our purpose.

Since concentrating on my purpose, my path, I am more effective. Recently I spoke to an excellent writing group, the Saturday Morning Writers, a chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild. It gave me incredible energy when some came up after the session and said, "I'm going home to write!" I'd done my job.

It all comes back to this; a successful life isn't determined by what you acquire, but by what you give away.