Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Merry "Simple" Christmas

A wonderful reunion took place at my house last week. Old friends I hadn't seen since last Christmas. We were all smiles as I greeted each one. In my over-active imagination, they all seemed anxious to get to their "spot." Some to their Victorian home in the plastic snow covered village, others to skate on their mirror pond.

As you may have guess by now, I'm refering to my Christmas Village. I also welcomed back my stuffed snowmen who reside on top of my cabinets and in my office. With so many smiles around, it is impossible to stay in a bad mood. That's the magic of Christmas, where the simple things delight. That is, if we let them.

The colorful lights on the square, hot chocolate with friends, listening to Frank Sinatra croon Silent Night, watching I'ts A Wonderful Life, are where memories are made. My remedy for the busyness? Simplify.

I get my remedy from the life of Christ. Jesus came to earth in a simple fashion. His nursery didn't have stuffed animals smelling of baby powder. He had the real thing that smelled of...well, you know. He lived life simply, as well. And, like us, He had many disappointments and difficulties. But, His expectations were set on His Father's plan. Life for Jesus centered around loving and serving others. Not what would be done for Him.

So, this Christmas, let's do the same. Let's simplify, celebrate relationships. Invite folks to our home. Put Frank on the stereo, serve hot chocolate and sugar cookies, laugh, sing, go for a drive and admire the Christmas lights. Make memories. And above all, have yourself a Merry Simple Christmas.